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      Malaria: prolonged or frequent stays in malaria area

      Latest update: - Authors: Nele Alders, Ula Maniewski

      The recommendations to prevent malaria also apply to individuals who stay in a malaria area frequently or for a prolonged period.

      People who spend a long period in a fixed location in the tropics in good conditions, can sometimes decide to stop taking malaria tablets. Only do this after consulting an expert doctor and do not consider this if the risk of malaria is higher, for example if you are pregnant!

      For a first stay, this decision is best preceded by a bridging period of three to six months in which the home and surroundings are made mosquito-free as far as possible and to become familiar with the local medical facilities.

      The conditions for this are as follows:

      • Your home and certainly the bedrooms are mosquito-free.
      • If you are outside in the evenings, you use very effective protection against mosquito bites.
      • You seek medical assistance immediately if you develop symptoms, such as a fever.
      • You have fast (within 24 hours) access to a reliable medical centre for diagnosis and treatment.
      • You have access to malaria treatment.
      • You take prophylactic malaria tablets when travelling or during weekend excursions to other malaria areas.
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