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      Consensus meetings

      Latest update: - Authors: Ula Maniewski, Nele Alders, Mieke Croughs

      The Belgian study group of Travel Medicine discusses travel guidelines and updates at their yearly national consensus meeting. 
      The reports of those meeting can be found below.


      Consensus meeting 2022 


      Report consensus meeting Travel Medicine 2019


      Emerging infectious diseases 2019
      New website/app travel medicine
      New course on travel health 2019
      Malaria in Belgium: new challenges 2019
      mRDT in travelers
      Hot topics CISTM Washington
      Top ten papers 2019
      Programme | 13th National Seminar on Travel Medicine - 10 October 2019
      Programme | Seminar Vaccination in Immunocompromised (IC) Patients Belgian Guidelines - 10 October 2019
      Presentation consensus meeting 10/10/2019

      2018 (meeting October)

      Report Consensus Meeting 10/2018
      Consensus meeting 10/2018
      Presentation outbreaks 10/2018

      2018 (meeting January)

      Short presentation consensus meeting 01/2018
      Presentation rabies consensus 01/2018 | Administering rabies vaccine intradermally
      Summary consensus meeting 01/2018


      Presentation consensus meeting 2017
      Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in Belgium
      Summary consensus meeting 2017 
      Post-expositie-profylaxe tegen rabiës (verouderde versie 2017)


      Presentation consensus meeting 24 juni 2016
      Summary consensus meeting 2016


      Consensus meeting malaria 2015
      Consensus meeting yellow fever 2015
      Consensus meeting other vaccinations 2015
      Summary consensus meeting 2015


      Consensus meeting malaria 2014
      Consensus meeting yellow fever 2014
      Consensus meeting other vaccinations 2014


      Consensus meeting malaria 2013
      Consensus meeting yellow fever 2013
      Consensus meeting other vaccinations 2013


      Summary consensus meeting 2012

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