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      Impregnated mosquito net

      Latest update: - Authors: Mieke Croughs, Ula Maniewski

      An impregnated mosquito net is more effective than a non-impregnated net.

      The insecticide pyrethrinoid is generally used to impregnate mosquito nets. Good and long-acting impregnated mosquito nets are available from outdoor sports retailers and pharmacies.

      Kits to impregnate mosquito nets may no longer be sold in Belgium and this practice is not recommended, as the net is not evenly treated, the effect is not as long lasting and the products are very harmful to the environment. 

      Hang the mosquito net over the bed and tuck the edges under the mattress. Use special, more rigid mosquito nets for young children. Ensure that a baby cannot grab the impregnated mosquito net and suck on it. 

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