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      Nipah virus

      Latest update: - Authors: Ula Maniewski, Nele Alders

      Nipah virus infection is an infection caused by the Nipah virus. Especially flying fox (a kind of large fruit-eating bat) are carriers of this virus. These bats can infect humans or other mammals such as pigs. 

      After infection with the Nipah virus, some people remain asymptomatic, but most people develop symptoms such as:

      • fever
      • headache
      • cough, breathing problems
      • vomiting

      In severe cases, inflammation of the brain may develop, resulting in confusion, convulsions and coma and finally death. 

      Infection occurs through contact with infected animals (mainly pigs or bats) or their body fluids via contaminated food, or sick people.

      The risk for travellers is low.

      There is no specific treatment. 

      Risk areas

      Human cases of Nipah virus have been described in India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

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      Basic hygiene

      Eating and drinking

      Do not eat or drink anything that may be contaminated by bats, such as uncooked or fermented date palm juice, raw unwashed or unpeeled fruit or fruit that has been nibbled on.


      • Avoid contact with sick or dead animals.

      • Avoid places where there are many bats, such as their roosts.

      • Avoid contact with pigs. 


      • Avoid contact with sick people or their bodily fluids


      There is no vaccine available.

      In case of symptoms

      Seek medical advice if you suffer any symptoms.

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