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      Ross River fever

      Latest update: - Authors: Mieke Croughs, Ula Maniewski

      Ross River fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes, both mosquitoes that bite during the day and mosquitoes that start biting at dusk. The risk of Ross River fever is lower during the colder winter period.

      There are usually no symptoms, but sometimes the following symptoms can develop seven to ten days after infection:

      • fatigue
      • fever
      • headache
      • muscle pain
      • joint pain
      • sometimes also a skin rash

      The symptoms usually disappear within several weeks, but in exceptional cases the joint pain and fatigue can persist for months.

      There is no specific treatment.   

      Risk areas

      Ross River fever mainly occurs near water in rural areas of Australia and in some islands in the Pacific Ocean.


      Protection against mosquitoes

      Protect yourself against mosquito bites, day and night.


      There is no vaccine available.

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