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      Typhoid fever vaccination

      Latest update: - Authors: Mieke Croughs, Ula Maniewski-Kelner

      The injectable vaccine Typhim Vi® provides approximately 60-70% protection from 14 days after administration. This vaccine may be administered to children from the age of 2 years.

      The live attenuated vaccine Vivotif® is no longer available in Belgium.

      When is vaccination recommended?

      • If you will be staying in India, Nepal, Pakistan or Bangladesh for more than 3 weeks.
      • If you will be staying in another country that poses a risk of typhoid fever for more than 3 weeks and:
        • this is your country of origin and you will be staying with family or friendso
        • or if you will be staying in poor hygienic conditions

      Vaccination schedule Typhim Vi®

      • one dose

      • the duration of protection is up to 3 years