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      Latest update: - Authors: Mieke Croughs, Ula Maniewski

      The sea and rivers can have dangerous currents and many tourists drown as a result of the combination of alcohol and swimming.

      Stagnant water and rivers can be contaminated with chemicals or pathogens, such as schistosomaleptospirosis or toxic algae.

      Properly chlorinated swimming pool water is generally not a problem.  



      Wear water shoes in the sea or river.

      Do not walk on bare feet on the beach and always sit on a thick towel or mat on the beach. 

      General recommendations

      Only swim in designated areas and follow the local guidelines and warnings. 

      Ask the local population about any dangerous currents.


      Keep a close eye on children. Drowning is the major cause of death in children whilst travelling.


      Do not dive into shallow or unfamiliar water. 

      Have a medical examination first and follow a diving course before you go diving. 

      Do not dive alone.

      More information about safe diving.

      Alcohol and drugs

      Never go in the water after consuming drugs or alcohol.

      Sea animals

      Do not touch sea animals, corals or rocks.

      Swallowing water

      Do not swallow water.

      Life jacket

      Wear a life jacket on watercraft and do not consume drugs or alcohol if you are sailing.


      Protect yourself against the sun, because water reflects sunlight. 


      Disinfect any wounds thoroughly to prevent infections.

      swimmer's ear

      read how to prevent a swimmers' ear

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